Liar Liar (Pretty sure he’s on fire)

In order to remain respectful, I will not reveal this person’s name. From here on out I will only refer to him as ‘Naaier’.  

Chicken Souvlaki with a Tahini-Yoghurt dressing

[Article] Like a Chef: An honest review

Once the chicken had done its 2 hours, I removed it from the oven, and lifted the foil to find blackened thighs and drumsticks.

Review: My Grooteschuur unHospitable Experience

At 9.45pm, the other woman was transported to Somerset Hospital. My daughter and I remained in the waiting room. She woke up to nurse, and I opened my breast to feed her, with tears in my eyes. The pain had progressed to the point where I could no longer stand or sit upright. And of course, as she suckled, my womb contracted. I was sincerely convinced that I was going to die.